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The mission is simple.

I want young children to learn that being kind is the most important part of manners at every age. To develop teenagers into respectful adults who will create workplaces, homes and communities of integrity. To help parents find simple ways to squeeze in teachable moments of kindness and etiquette. To assist the business world in making the workplace run a little better by following simple business protocols. Like many things, etiquette will continue to evolve over time. When we make every effort to stay within the bounds of etiquette, we give relationships a chance to grow and present ourselves with confidence in our personal and professional life.  



When I came home from graduating from The Protocol School Washington, I quickly learned that the worst information I would mention in the dating world was the fact that I was a certified etiquette teacher. It made people nervous. The reason I wanted to share it was so they would know what my best friends knew about me— that while I knew a lot about etiquette, I was far from perfect. I‘m human and, from the very beginning, wanted to influence people to find a way of getting along with others.  I’ve been teaching manners for 20 years (my siblings would say that I have since birth - hahaha). Although I love teaching in person, I started Polished Peyton, Etiquette Essentials, to bring everyday etiquette classes to everyone in the comfort of their own space. Children can watch a video as they ride to school. Parents can listen to classes as they’re on a walk for 10 minutes.  Business etiquette classes can be watched during a lunch break. It’s a simple concept that is accessible to everyone with an internet connection.




Until this year, the majority of my social etiquette classes were private and small group and business etiquette classes for organizations both large and small. Beginning in 2018, I began to teach private classes online to previous students. I must admit, if you would have told me in 2001 that one day I would offer virtual etiquette classes, I would have laughed out loud—which is not great manners. But the joke is now on me and probably many of us. With today’s technology it is possible to learn online, at your own pace. It allows you to watch certain topics over and over if you need to. While I will always teach private and small classes, I’m so excited to offer virtual classes beginning in winter of 2020/2021.

If the Spring of 2020 taught me anything, it was that TIME is so valuable. Time to be with people I love. Time to pursue my passions.  Time to help others.  Once school was released in March and the world of home school began, things became different at my house. We would receive my oldest daughter’s assignments from her teachers and we knew what we had to accomplish for the week. We did it, but on our schedule. Her dance teachers sent great videos to keep Eloise practicing and engaged, again, all on our schedule. What I did not realize before home school is how much Evelyn was missing those moments of the day with Eloise. Because of their age difference, they really only saw each other 20 minutes in the morning and a couple of hours each afternoon during the school week. I realized that I had over scheduled myself and Eloise and I vowed to never do it again. Etiquette classes are so valuable for young people and adults but I wanted to find a way for everyone to have the option of doing an online class with me, in the place they felt comfortable and on their schedule. I’ll always teach in person classes, but this is a way to include everyone.

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