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I’m excited to tell you more about the Polished Peyton Subscription plan for families. You are probably asking yourself, “Why in the world do I need this?” I’ll be honest, it’s a great question. Here is my long answer. 

If you have young people in your life (children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces and nephews, work or volunteer with children, neighborhood children…we all have them), you know that they need constant reinforcement on life skills, school work, everyday chores and good life habits. If a child plays a sport, he/she practices almost daily. When children are working on math concepts, they review each night. Etiquette is no different. It’s a skill. Reminding them once a month or six weeks a year is not going to produce the end outcome that you are really wanting or expecting from a child. But, who has the time to organize this and help parents prioritize important skills? 

Polished Peyton does. 

With Videos, Handouts for parents and children, LIVE online classes for students each month, a video just for parents each month, discounts on in-person group and private classes, let us take one thing off your plate. 

For a small monthly fee, we are just one click away. 

I’ve been teaching Etiquette for twenty years, but I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Masters in Counseling. Teaching young people is my passion. I’d be honored to help your family.

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Who Are We
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