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The Perfect Introduction...For a Ten Year Old and for the Business World.

Introductions can be hard, but they are easily handled if you remember a few simple things. The key is to practice. Yes, practice.

For Children and Young Adults:

  • Be a friend. Smile and say, "Jimmy, This is my friend Turner. We are all playing baseball this year." The key is to say both names and tell them both something you have in common. Now they can talk even if you need to walk away.

  • Always use an adults title and last name. "Mom, this is my new Science teacher, Mr. Pope." If the adult prefers to be called by his/her first name, he/she will say so.

In the Business World:

  • Introducing yourself is how you make yourself known to others. Always say your first and last name and organizations name. For example, "Hello, I'm Charles Peyton and I am here with Northeast Louisiana Health System." This tells the group your name and why you are here. It also gives them something to ask you.

  • Look people in the eye and look at everyone in the group.

  • Introduce yourself if you are seated next to someone at a business or social gathering, if you are a friend of a friend and if you feel someone may not recall your name.

Shaking hands right now is not the best idea, but I do believe we will all be doing it again at some point. For now, focus on looking people in the eye and speaking clearly.

I'm so thankful for you and this audience. As always, please email me with questions or suggestions, .

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time. Hug your family. They are everything.

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